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             Rev. Joseph A. Ianiro, Jr. DD

      Welcome to Our Website and Thank You For Visiting!!!!

About Me:
I am an ordained non-denominational Christian minister since 1992, serving all races, faiths or lifestyles with all life cycle events including weddings. Having
studied under the auspices of several religious organizations, I hold a Doctor of Divinity (DD) degree.

Over the years, I have developed a compassionate understanding for everyone's individual circumstances and am a recognized Pastoral Counselor in local communities.

My Ministry has this philosophy:
Open Mind, Open Heart, Open Arms

I strongly believe that all people should be received and celebrated as God's children and recognize that while many have a strong belief in God or a deep spiritual awareness, they may not belong to any official religion.
Some may have even been turned away or even turned off by their own church. 

My non Denominational belief is that God won't ask us our religion on judgement day.
Instead, the depth of our character and what we did or did not do for our fellow human beings  will be the standard by which we are judged.

My ministry is NOT part of a "minister mill" or a business solely set up to perform wedding ceremonies. I am a minister for all life cycle events and perform “marriage” ceremonies and not just “ wedding” ceremonies. I am a minister that believes a minister should give caring and personal attention to your ceremony details.

While I was born, raised and still live in northern New Jersey, I officiate in all of New Jersey, the Hudson Valley and is also registered in NYC.

Not wanting to take a salary from any church, I am also a licensed New Jersey Real Estate agent, completing my goal of having couples live happily ever after and in their new home!
Visit my real estate website at:


If you are in need of a minister for any of your special life events,  contact me by clicking on the "Contact Us" button to the left or via:

~e-mail:  ReverendJoseph@ReverendJoseph.Org
~Office: 201- 417- 0118
~Fax: 201-203-3179

Reverend Joseph Anthony Ministries
Serving All Who Have Been Turned Away

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